A Complete Guide and Fact File to the Major City of Riften

This amazing guide reveals my adventures in Riften and The Thieves Guild covered with detailed walkthroughs. There is also a list of significant Riften citizens and the quests starting here. Enjoy!


I was brought to Riften by a guard after being captured for committing some unacceptable crimes. As Riften was the second Major City I had entered in Skyrim, a whole new world of opportunities were opening before me. I was yet to find out if these were good or bad, but it is known by all that Riften has a ruthless reputation, mainly due to the presence of the Thieves Guild in the Ratway.

I walked into the main square (or circle if you like) to be immediately hassled by a couple of homeless beggars. Of course, I gave them one gold coin and earned The Gift of Charity reward. Another man then bumped into me and asked if I was up for making some money. I couldn’t turn this offer down, even if my quest was to steal a ring from an innocent woman. Unfortunately I failed and was caught, but the man said that he liked my spirit and I had potential to work for his business. His business, as I later found out, was running the Thieves Guild. I had only just arrived in Riften but after one day I was already a serial thief. Yet, some citizens I have been faithful and kind to, and I have even completed a few quests for the Jarl herself. A double-handed life is hard to keep up, but rather amusing when it works.

Notable Residents

  • Aerin the Man: Helped Mjoll the Lioness’ Life
  • Asgeir Snow-Shod: a Maven Black-Briar’s partner of the Meadery.
  • Alessandra, a Priestess of Arkay.
  • Anuriel, an Altmer Stewardess of Riften.
  • Asbjorn Fire-Tamer, an apprentice blacksmith to Balimund.
  • Balimund, a Blacksmith (marriageable).
  • Bersi Honey-Hand, an Owner of The Pawned Prawn.
  • Bolli, an Owner of Riften Fishery.
  • Brand-Shei, a Market merchant.
  • Briehl, a Priest of Mara.
  • Brynjolf, a Member of the Theives Guild.
  • Constance Michel, an Assistant of the Orphanage.
  • Cynric Endell, a Member of the Theives Guild.
  • Delvin Mallory, a Member of the Theives Guild.
  • Dinya Balu, a Priestess of Mara.
  • Dirge, a Member of the Theives Guild.
  • Drifa, Bersi Honey-Hand’s wife.
  • Edda, a Beggar.
  • Elgrim, an Alchemist and Owner of Elgrim’s Elixirs.
  • Francois Beaufort, a Child at the Orphanage.
  • From-Deepest-Fathoms, an angry Argonian in the dockside.
  • Grelka, a Market merchant.
  • Grelod the Kind, a Runner of Honorhall Orphanage.
  • Haelga, a Runner of Haelga’s Bunkhouse.
  • Hafjorg, Elgrim’s wife.
  • Harrald, the Jarl Laila Law-Giver’s son.
  • Hemming Black-Briar, the Black-Briar’s son.
  • Hofgrir Horse-Crusher, an Owner of Riften Stables.
  • Hroar, a Child at the Orphanage.
  • Indaryn, a Manager of the Black-Briar Meadery.
  • Ingun Black-Briar, the Black-Briar’s daughter.
  • Keerava, an Argonian female manager of the Bee and Barb.
  • Laila Law-Giver, the Jarl of Riften.
  • Louis Letrush, a Quest giver of Promises to Keep.
  • Madesi, a Market merchant.
  • Marise Aravel, a Market merchant.
  • Maul, the right hand man of Maven Black-Briar.
  • Maven Black-Briar, the Head of the Black-Briar.
  • Mjoll the Lioness, a Warrior and City protector.
  • Maramal, a Priest of Mara.
  • Marcurio, a Mercenary mage (marriageable).
  • Mercer Frey, the Leader of the Theives Guild.
  • Molgrom Twice-Killed, a Prisoner.
  • Niruin, a Member of the Theives Guild.
  • Niluva Hlaalu, a Worker of the Meadery.
  • Nivenor, Bolli’s wife.
  • Nura Snow-Shod, Vulwulf Snow-Shod’s wife.
  • Romlyn Dreth, a Worker of the Meadery (marriageable).
  • Rune, a Member of the Theives Guild.
  • Runa Fair-Shield, a Child at the Orphanage.
  • Saerlund Law-Giver, the Jarl Laila Law-Giver’s youngest son.
  • Samuel, a Child at the Orphanage.
  • Sapphire, a Member of the Theives Guild.
  • Shadr, an Assistant of Riften Stables.
  • Sibbi Black-Briar, the Black-Briar’s son.
  • Snilf, a Beggar.
  • Svana Far-Shield, Haelga’s niece.
  • Talen-Jei, a Servant of the Bee and Barb.
  • Thrynn, a Member of the Theives Guild.
  • Tonilia, a Fence of the Theives Guild.
  • Tythis Ulen, a Worker of Riften Fishery.
  • Ungrien, a Bartender of the Meadery.
  • Unmid Snow-Shod, the Jarl’s Housecarl.
  • Valindor, a Worker of Riften Fishery.
  • Vekel the Man, a Bartender of the Theives Guild.
  • Vex, a Member of the Theives Guild.
  • Vipir the Fleet, a Member of the Theives Guild.
  • Vulwulf Snow-Shod, The man who lost the daughter.
  • Wujeeta, a Worker of Riften Fishery.
  • Wylandriah, the Court Wizard of Riften.


  1. Thieves Guild Quests –

2. Others:

Chelsea FC Champions!

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As some of you may know I am a keen supporter of Chelsea FC and I am so happy that they have won the FA Cup against Liverpool. There were a couple of controversial decisions but it is fair to say that Chelsea dominated so deserved the win.  Goals from Ramires and Drogba were enough to see out threats from Liverpool, even after Carroll lead a fightback.

Hopefully this season will end on an even bigger high if we can beat Bayern Munich in the Champions League final May 19th. I cannot wait for that day! I also hope that Roberto di Matteo can have the full time job.

FIFA 12 Ultimate Team ‘Team of the Week’ January 4-11

FIFA 12 Ultimate Team – Team of the Week January 4-11

The first 2012 TOTW is out and the players are all better than ever! You can find these in-form players from 6pm GMT on 4 January until 6pm 11 January. You can also view the team in the FUT Web App, or play this squad with your own team in-game.

GK: Mignolet, Sunderland – 74>74

CB: Koscielny, Arsenal – 78>82

CB: Hanley, Blackburn Rovers- 68>73

CB: Distin, Everton – 77>82

CM: Cattermole, Sunderland – 75>81

CAM: Ireland, Aston Villa – 77>82

CM: Ramires, Chelsea – 79>82

RW: Dyer, Swansea – 73>74

ST: Crouch, Stoke – 79>82

ST: Yakubu, Blackburn – 73>82

LW: Bellamy, Liverpool – 79>83


GK: Bunn, Blackburn Rovers – 65>72

CB: Mulgrew, Celtic – 70>74

CM: Sparrow, Brighton and Hove Albion – 65>74

CM: Powell, Crewe Alexandra – 52>61

ST: Daly, Dundee United – 70>73

ST: Berisha, Brisbane Roar – 63>64

ST: Vaz Te, Barnsley – 63>64

About – The highest rated player here is Craig Bellamy of Liverpool with an increased rating of 83. Because of the Christmas break around most of the world, the starting XI is made up of 100% Premier League players.

Happy Hour – Likely to be on Friday or Monday at 7-8pm

Check here for more FIFA tips and assistance. Remember to follow the blog to be the first to hear about next weeks TOTW and Happy hour.

Lakes, Bears and Cliffs in My Best Photos of 2011

I am not the most frequent photographer but every now and then I like to try it out. Here are my best photos that I took in 2011 in no particular order.

1. Emerald Lake Reflection, Canada

2. Gigantic Upturned Tree Roots

3. Blue Water River Safari

4. “Is that a camera?” My Dog Coco

5. Squirrel Stealing My Strawberries

6. Cat on a Mission

7. Striding Edge Helvellyn, Lake District

8. View of England’s Southern Coast

9. Canadian Black Bear

10. Ready to Jump

Does Anybody Want To Win The Premier League?

A shocking weekend in the Barclay’s Premier League after the top four teams all failed to win their matches raises the question if anybody actually wants to win the title this year? Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea all suffered surprise defeats while Tottenham were held to a draw in matches they were guaranteed to win.

Manchester United lost at home to Blackburn 2-3. To make things worse this match was played on Sir Alex Ferguson’s 70th birthday meaning his party celebrations were brought to an abrupt end. Blackburn took the lead after a Yakubu scored a 16th minute penalty and later doubled his tally by thrashing through the defence. Blackburn had a lot of defending to do but could not keep Berbatov out as he scored with a header and again to bring things equal. Youngster Grant Hanley then shocked the world as he scored the winner to send the champions home.

Tottenham drew away at Swansea after Van der Vaart took the lead in the first half. Swansea showed persistence and were even quite dominant throughout the next half hour so they deserved the goal when winger Scott Sinclair blasted in the equaliser.

I hate to say that Chelsea lost at Stamford Bridge to Aston Villa. A bright start led to a Drogba goal but Chelsea’s defence has to be blamed for the defeat. Aston Villa scored one plus to more in the last ten minutes to win the game 1-3.

Finally, Manchester City played Sunderland and were expected to pass their rivals to make it to the top of the table. However, frustration and a lack of concentration meant that nobody was able to score apart from the Sunderland striker JiDong-Won who scored with 10 seconds of play remaining.

What a shocking few days! Who would have ever thought this would happen?! Anyway, most of the clubs are playing again within the next few day and will be hoping to make up for the weekend’s mistakes. Don’t let us down again Chelsea.

2012 Cycling Challenge: 1000km

AIM: To cycle a minimum of 1000km throughout the course of 2012

EQUIPMENT: I will be cycling on my new Hybrid bike which I was given for christmas. All the statistics and distances will be recorded using my Suunto X10 watch.

LOCATION: Hopefully I will be able to cycle all over England but the nearest locations to me will be in and around London.

UPDATES: Check the 2012 Cycling Challenge Page for updates on how much I have completed, photos and more.

NOTE: Because of school I will only be able to cycle on the weekends so this works out to about 20km a weekend.

Getting Married In Skyrim

So you met the love of your life in Skyrim? Then yes, you can marry them!

Getting married involves unlocking certain dialogs with various Skyrim characters which gives you an option to propose to them. The dialogs are unlocked by obtaining the Amulet of Mara and talking to Maramal. The amulet can be obtained in several ways:

  • Completing “The Book of Love” quest.
  • Buying it for 200 septims (gold coins) from Maramal.
  • Finding it as a loot (completely random).
  • Steal or loot from Kematu in Swindler’s Den.
  • Finding in a tent on the beach, north of the city of Dawnstar.

The Book of Love Quest is given by one of the priestesses, Dinya Balu at the Temple of Mara in the city of Riften. When you get there, ask for the Blessing of Mara from Danya and you will be given the quest.

To buy an amulet from Maramal, find him either in the Bee and Barb (The Inn) or in the Temple of Mara, both in the city of Riften.

The rest of the points are self explanatory. Once you have the Amulet of Mara, you must talk to Maramal, without discussing the marriage with him you will not unlock the needed dialogs with characters.

Now that you got the amulet, unlocked the needed dialog, go propose! Your options for both men and women are plenty! Merchants, priests, miners, farmers, store owners, Inn owners, housecarl’s, mages and random characters. You will of course need to complete miscellaneous quests given by the character you want to marry to prove your love for them. And btw, marriage in Skyrim, is final. At the time of this post, there is no divorce.


If you have not found Riften, it is the most South East (down and to the right of the map) located city in Skyrim.
Another benefit of completing The Book of Love quest is a permanent 15% Resist Magicka ability.
You can live with your spouse at their home of your home.
You cannot marry any Jarls, Dragons, Giants or animals.
You cannot  marry a Khajiit or a Wood Elf, just because there aren’t any available with the marriage dialog

The Lake District 3000 Footers Challenge

Some people may say that the Lake District holds nothing special but after conquering the 3000 footers challenge I wish to differ. During the late summer of 2011 I successfully went with my father to climb the four highest mountains in England in two days.

To Climb:

  • Helvellyn 3112ft
  • Skiddaw 3054ft
  • Scafell 3164ft
  • Scafell Pike 3208ft


The first and perhaps the most interesting mountain was Helvellyn. The walk starts at and finishes at the peaceful village of Glenridding. The ascents sees you take on the challenging Striding Edge and then the Swirral Edge to come back down. The round trip takes about 4 hours on a 12 mile route. The best part here was buying a hot drink and chocolate from The Highest Cafe in England.

After the morning’s warm up we moved on to Skiddaw, the lowest of the four peaks. This hike is not at all a scenic one and is best avoided unless you are doing the challenge. One large rocky boulder you may call it. The 9 mile trip starts at Latrigg Car Park and descends down Carlside to Millbeck. You will definitely deserve your dinner after today’s walk.


After a limited sleep we were up again and ready for an even longer day’s walk. Departing from Keswick, we made our way up summit both Scafell and Scafell Pike consecutively. After a good few hours we were faced with a decision of which path to take. Unfortunately, our lack of skill in map reading led us up the wrong mountain and it was very disappointing  to see something in the distance higher than what was supposed to be the highest point in England. Oh well, at least we added a third peak to the day.

We eventually found the right route and ascended via the Corridor Route, Esk Hause or Grains Gill, presenting the most demanding part of the challenge. I had never seen anything like this before and it came as a great surprise. There was no path showing the way but rock after rock that you had to climb over. One false step could have led to a cliff. Luckily we missed the cliffs and made it to the top in dampened moods after so much physical activity.

So there may have been a few problems but overall the trip was a success. We completed our challenge and felt good about it after. If you are planning on attempting the Lake District 3000 footers challenge then please feel free to contact me at stayrefreshed@gmail.com for any information about lodging, routes, equipment and more. Thanks!

What To Do If 2012 Really Is Our Last Year On Earth

For some strange reason many people believe that the world is going to end in 2012. I am not one to believe this but for those who do I have compiled a list of 25 Things To Do Before You Die

  1. Set foot on each of the seven continents. Antarctica may seem like a hard one but there are many ways listed here.  Now you can truly call yourself a world traveller.
  2. Cross a country on bicycle. Tours take some planning but there is no better way to experience a country than through a physical activity.
  3. Go Heli-skiing. With a helicopter you can access snow far better than anythingexperienced before. At least try some skiing.
  4. Travel India by train. With its extensive rail network, this mode of transport is the best way to see one of the world’s most colorful and diverse countries – even Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May of Top Gear enjoyed this.
  5. Climb one of the world’s Seven Summits. Climbing mountains is not for the faint-hearted, but everyone has had a dream of standing atop one.
  6. Participate in a Carnival parade in Brazil. You haven’t had a good night out until you’ve been to the biggest party in The Nation of Parties.
  7. Skydive. It is the ultimate thrill, unless you add a wingsuit, and actually flying.
  8. Surf. It’s not about being a ripper but just catching waves.
  9. SCUBA in the Great Barrier Reef. The largest coral reef in the world is a must for dive enthusiasts. It is the world’s most unique aquatic environment.
  10. Visit the source of one of the world’s great rivers. Great rivers, like the Nile, have humble beginnings.
  11. Climb an active volcano.
  12. Photograph an endangered species. Aside from an image you can keep for a lifetime, it will remind you, and others, how fragile life can be.
  13. Spend 24 hours alone in the jungle.
  14. Attend the Olympics. Whatever you say about the commercialism of the olympics, they are one of the biggest events on the planet and with them in London 2012 you may just have your chance.
  15. Stand at the North or South Pole.
  16. Be in the stands when two rival South American club teams play each other at football. Soccer is a passion for most of the world’s population.
  17. Find your version of “The Beach.” One of the best travel books ever inspired a generation of backpackers. Why not find your own version of untouched paradise?
  18. Visit every capital city in Europe. The crowded continent is full of beautiful architecture and diverse cultures.
  19. Shake hands with someone who has truly changed a country.
  20. Participate in the world’s biggest water fight during Thailand’s New year Festivities (Songkran).

I have only experienced some of these activities but they were all definitely worth doing, Before the end of my lifetime I hope to have done or visited everything on this list. I would also like to hear about your most inspirational holidays, so leave a comment below to fill the next few gaps.

21. Melifluousmurmurs – Camping in a desert.

22. Alex AutinThe Kokoda Trail

23. ApronheadlillyStay home and read a book (in between blogging).

24. Stripes – Taste a 99% chocolate bar

25. HoudiniGo in a hot air balloon!

Remember to live life to the full and have an amazing New Year!