‘The Lonely Island’ – Music and comedy in one?

I personally love The Lonely Island and find their music really good. They have brilliant professional musicians but there is also a lot of humour. This is why most people agree with me and why The Lonely Island have more than 800 million hits on YouTube. But do you think they cross the legal borders of music, or are you a fan? Leave a comment after listening.

Band of the Week: The Dunes

I found the band The Dunes while hunting through iTunes to find some good new music a few years ago. I prefer their newest album Subject to Change released in 2009 because there is a lot more to it. The guitar and bass are so clear in the songs and have developed a great amount since their first album in 2006. My Favourite song is Throwing Knives, but I could not find that on the internet.

This is another one of their most popular songs World Won’t Wait:

The Dunes’ sophomore album, Subject to Change, is about asking, discovering, deciding and moving forward. From the personal to the political, on small and grand scales, that’s what this Toronto-based indie rock band has done since releasing its 2006 debut, Socializing With Life.

“This album is kind of a story…it’s an actual album in the classic sense, meant to be listened to in its entirety” says lead singer/songwriter Kevin Pullen, referring to the tasteful sequence of the 12 new songs. “It’s titled ‘Subject to Change’ because it reflects change on so many levels: change, for one, within the band, and lot of changes in my personal life — I lost a love, and I was involved in a kind of reckless lifestyle which came along with some deep depression and finally some light again. It’s a cycle I don’t want to repeat.”

Emerging with a new outlook and happier mindset, The Dunes have ushered in a more tightly arranged, mature, and expressive collection of songs than those on their debut; Piano and organ are all over the album, more than half of the songs feature strings, one has trumpet (“Los Angeles”) and another clavinet (“Same Inside”). “That’s what I missed out on with the first record. The budget didn’t allow it,” says Kevin. “We put our all into this one, and I think the emotion really comes through. It was do or die.” Subject To Change was produced by Siegfried Meier (Machete Avenue, Thine Eyes Bleed) at Beach Road Studios situated on his farm in Goderich, Ontario, in the dead of winter. The band — now comprising Alistair Heath (lead guitar, vocals), Paul Barry (drums, vocals, keys), and Ahmed Grim (bass, vocals) — all slept in a trailer steps away from the studio, and miles away from any distraction that Toronto might have wrought.

“It was good that this happened, that I now have a whole new band, and I don’t think that it’s unusual,” says Kevin. “I was green at the beginning. I didn’t know what was going on. Now, we have a solid foundation. We all want the same thing. We want to take this to the world stage.” A true live act, the band sees between 100 – 150 dates per year.

With the original line-up The Dunes made significant inroads, landing a record deal with Toronto indie label Curve Music, which released Socializing With Life. The band subsequently had a Top 40 rock radio hit with the single “Do It All The Time,” whose video was placed in heavy rotation for months on MuchMusic, MuchMoreMusic and MuchLoud. The album was also released in the U.K., Germany, Holland and Switzerland, and the band promoted it by touring Canada as well as England and Scotland in 2007 / 2008.

Kevin estimates he’s written between 60 and 100 songs since then, and feels Subject to Change is a far better album. “We think there’s maybe three or four great songs on the first one…we’re pretty honest with ourselves,” Kevin says. “At the time I was writing it, I was nowhere near the songwriter I am now; it was my first time in the studio and I didn’t know exactly what I wanted. This time, we knew what we wanted, and there’s not a single lyric or note that’s out of place on this new record. Things were clear this time. The music just told us what to do.”

I hope you liked their music as much as me!

‘A Day To Remember’ Tour the UK!

Another one of my favourite bands that deserves more recognition is the American rock band A Day to Remember. I wish that they would tour the UK some time soon as it’s very hard for me to see them when they only play in the United States. This year they released a new album which was slightly disappointing. However, one song is definitely worth a mention because it is better than anything else before! Here’s the song, All I want:

A Day to Remember were formed in 2003 and mix emo, hardcore, and metal into a blend affectionately referred to by their fans as “pop mosh.” Hailing from Ocala, FL, vocalist Jeremy McKinnon, guitarists Neil Westfall and Tom Denney, bassist Joshua Woodard, and drummer Bobby Scruggs financed their first EP themselves, then signed with Indianola Records for the release of their full-length And Their Name Was Treason in spring 2005. The record went on to sell over 8,000 copies through word of mouth alone, and a year later the guys were signed to Chicago powerhouse Victory Records. Work quickly began on their label debut; For Those Who Have Heartappeared in January 2007, featuring new drummer Alex Shelnutt.Homesick, the band’s sophomore release, arrived in October 2009. After HomesickTom Denney left the band (although he remained a part of the writing process) while Kevin Skaff (from Four Letter Lie) assumed the guitar duties. The group’s fourth studio album, What Separates Me from You, was released the following year.

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Lostprophets: Where have you been all my life?

I recently discovered the UK alternative rock band Lostprophets and have since fallen in love with all their music. Not only is their style easy to listen to, but is technically perfect. I am hoping to see them live at the O2 Arena later this year and I definitely recommend that you listen to their music. Below is my current favourite song of theirs: Last Train Home. Enjoy listening!

Official Site of Lostprophets

Music from the US – Green Day


Good post, good song. Thanks for posting it Xandi :)

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I think this song is known by everyone: Green Day, an US american punk rock band from California with the song “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams“, one of my favourite songs!

This was a Music-Suggestion from Sam, thanks!

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