When Snow Arrives, You Will Be Prepared To Enjoy It!

For some people, snow can be a real hassle but it should not be. It is always a magical moment when snow blankets the ground and should definitely be something to enjoy. No matter what age or sex you are, you WILL enjoy doing the things in this post.

  1. Make Sculptures – Go to your local park or even garden and get building. You don’t have to be too talented to make a traditional snowman and it is always very rewarding. Let others admire your handiwork and take in the compliments. Don’t worry about your age for doing this because everyone always does. I remember when snow fell in England last year there were more snowmen in my park than people! What a sight this was to drive through.
  2. Snowball Fights – Invite some friends over and have a good old snowball fight in the snow. Organise teams or go for a free for all. If you are really feeling up for the challenge, create shelters with underground tunnels to other entrances. Your opponent will never be able to beat this.
  3. Go Sledding – On a board, a piece of wood or even your bare bum sledding is always good fun. Find a steep enough hill and guess what you have to do next, go down it! Head first, feet first, sideways. Have fun experimenting the best way to get down the mountain. Try linking up with other people and going down at the same time. This isn’t dangerous!
  4. Go Skiing – If the hills are big and steep enough and you have all the equipment then by all means go skiing. The only problem is it’s not cheap getting boots and skis, and if there is no chairlift it will be very tiring walking up the hill. But don’t worry, it will be worth it and enjoy a hot chocolate after finishing.
  5. Make Snow Angels – Lie down in the snow and move your arms and legs at the same time. Slowly and carefully stand back up and move away. How pretty, there is a angel in the snow! Congratulations on making it.
  6. Admire the Snow – I seem to do this quite often but I just can’t help it. I love the snow so much that I end up staring out of my window at the snow for hours. Take in all the beautiful patterns of the flakes. I challenge you to beat my record of watching the snow for five hours on end while counting 2,000,000 different flakes.
  7. Draw the Snow – If you like the snow lots but not quite enough to just stare at it, drawing single flakes or whole snowy scenes can be rewarding. All you need is a paper and a pencil so get to it!
  8. Photograph the Snow – Like the previous idea, the snow is so amazing so capture your fantastic moments in it. Perhaps you could film a movie plot in it.
  9. Sleep – Finally, I recommend that you sleep in the snow because it is incredibly comfy. To be honest, I prefer the snow to my bed. This may just be me but you should give it a try.

Have any other ideas? Please tell me so that I can add them to the list and try them out. If you have enjoyed doing these fun things please share pictures of your sculptures and anything else. Thanks :)

10. Eat the Snow – Thanks to Dounia for this idea. Fresh snow is so tasty and some people say that it is better than the finest Italian meal. So taste the snow but here’s one piece of advice. Yellow snow may look tasty with a bit of flavour, but trust me: it’s best avoided!