Does Anybody Want To Win The Premier League?

A shocking weekend in the Barclay’s Premier League after the top four teams all failed to win their matches raises the question if anybody actually wants to win the title this year? Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea all suffered surprise defeats while Tottenham were held to a draw in matches they were guaranteed to win.

Manchester United lost at home to Blackburn 2-3. To make things worse this match was played on Sir Alex Ferguson’s 70th birthday meaning his party celebrations were brought to an abrupt end. Blackburn took the lead after a Yakubu scored a 16th minute penalty and later doubled his tally by thrashing through the defence. Blackburn had a lot of defending to do but could not keep Berbatov out as he scored with a header and again to bring things equal. Youngster Grant Hanley then shocked the world as he scored the winner to send the champions home.

Tottenham drew away at Swansea after Van der Vaart took the lead in the first half. Swansea showed persistence and were even quite dominant throughout the next half hour so they deserved the goal when winger Scott Sinclair blasted in the equaliser.

I hate to say that Chelsea lost at Stamford Bridge to Aston Villa. A bright start led to a Drogba goal but Chelsea’s defence has to be blamed for the defeat. Aston Villa scored one plus to more in the last ten minutes to win the game 1-3.

Finally, Manchester City played Sunderland and were expected to pass their rivals to make it to the top of the table. However, frustration and a lack of concentration meant that nobody was able to score apart from the Sunderland striker JiDong-Won who scored with 10 seconds of play remaining.

What a shocking few days! Who would have ever thought this would happen?! Anyway, most of the clubs are playing again within the next few day and will be hoping to make up for the weekend’s mistakes. Don’t let us down again Chelsea.

Real Madrid FC 1 – 3 FC Barcelona (Real x Barca)


Amazing comeback from Barcelona, but should Lionel Messi have been sent off? Who knows, but it is certain that this was an impressive game with 4 goals.

Originally posted on The Bogus Pundit:

Expect a biased blog post my dear readers. I’m just so happy that Barca won.

I expected a great much and el clasico gave me what I was looking for. I woke up early in the morning just to see the red and blue conquer the men in white, and maybe, see my icon Lionel Messi finish a goal once again.

Perhaps the only positive minute for Real was the first minute. They started the match with a goal, well, it was because of the carelessness of the goalie anyway. Still, a good thing that Real capitalized on it. I became shocked because an early goal was given right away. That time I was thinking if Barca had anything to get the goal back as soon as possible.

So the match went on and the possession by possession game of Barca prevail. Real had some lapses that lead to some goal. Ronaldo…

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